What to do when locked in?

The Coronavirus trapped me and everyone else in their homes. I was okay with that at first.

I decided to spring clean. And I was okay with that too … at first. I emptied drawers and cupboards tossing flotsam and jetsum to the floor. Then I plopped things into semi-organised piles, only to discover that I needed more piles. I reoganised those piles then moved them into different rooms. After inspecting the ever increasing number of new piles I swapped stuff from pile to pile…

Uggh! I gave up before I even got to the cleaning part of spring cleaning. 

Computer to the rescue

Stepping carefully over and around my piles of piles, I made my way to my computer.

Hmm, Facebook? Chat? Online scrabble? Blogging? No, I know. I’ll be productive!  I’ll make a sign for Ferny Hill Retreat’s loo. And here it is … 

It seems boredom leads me to ever higher levels of genius!