I realise 2020 isn’t over yet but I’ve been thinking because there’s been a lot to think about.
The coronavirus has turned the world on its head.

Here are 10 key things I’ve learned so far:


1. I’ll NEVER take a cruise.

2. I’ll cough into the crook of my arm from now on.


3. Being isolated has its advantages. PJs all day anyone?

4. I’ve learned to be fearful of Donald Trump and a few other world leaders because they’re pretty much cray-cray.


5. Most of us are sensible but there will always be a few idiots in the mix.

6. I have increased respect and admiration for: medical staff, firefighters, teachers, childcare workers, posties and delivery peeps, food retail personnel and all the others whose service and support has been invaluable this year.


7. COVID has taught me that our future requires: decisive leadership, transparency/honesty, effective communication, solidarity and accountability. We’re seeing that now; let’s hope it continues.


8. Our most vulnerable rely on Nursing Homes. We’re morally obliged to ensure these places are well managed, staffed and funded. And jeez, I might be a resident myself someday!

9. It’s time to rethink our part in the global economy and explore self-sufficiency on a national scale. Australia is a great country. Do we really need to depend on other nations for so much?


10. There’s overwhelming evidence of the destructive impact we’re having on the natural environment. This is directly responsible for increasingly negative outcomes related to human health and wellbeing. We’re experiencing more ferocious and frequent fires, floods, droughts and storms; we’re killing entire species of flora and fauna, poisoning our soil, water and air, and now there’s a pandemic. UGH! The planet, our only home, is suffering. Earth needs urgent curative action, not political indecision and flip-flopping.
That’s my 2020 Lessons Learned list. What are the things you’ve learned this very strange year?