Everyone has been asking me when Ferny Hill Retreat will officially open. Frankly, I’ve been asking myself the same thing! Delay has piled upon delay – family illness, my wonky back, difficulty finding tradies, to name just a few. As a result, it’s still not quite ready. Sigh.

Time for action!

I was away recently helping a family member after an op. Happily everything went well and all I ended up doing was walk his dogs. With lots of time to think I focused on the tasks that needed to be completed to get Ferny Hill up and running.

As soon as I returned home I jumped on the phone and the net and organised my little butt off. Of course Easter means there are more delays, but all my ducks are in a row and they’ll start waddling as soon as people return to work. 

1. The garden 

Prep and maintenance

First step is to weed, trim, fertilize and generally tidy up the garden so it’s ready when new plants arrive. The good news is my lovely gardener, Nathan is back on board after a few medical issues, so that one was easy.

Decide what the #@$! I’m going to plant

Several months ago I had to replace the retaining walls in the front yard. This created new garden beds and, sadly, they remain as emtpy as the day they were constructed. Nathan also removed many scruffy/unwell plants that I inherited when I bought the place. That’s left lots of gaps.

Now I love gardening, but I’ve never had to plan one of this size. So, rather than making expensive errors, I’ve asked a Garden Designer to help me create my floral Shangri-la. He also supplies the plants which is a real bonus. 

Plop it all in the ground

Nathan will plant and mulch everything when the chosen greenery arrives. I have a fabulous arrangement with a tree lopping firm. I call and they drop off a huge pile of mulch for me when next in the area, so that’s a cost I avoid. Believe it or not, if it doesn’t go to properties that need it, this wonderful mulch goes to the tip!


I’ve also found a 3rd year builder’s apprentice, Travis who is installing lattice under the front deck, putting in a screen wall for me and a few other builder-ish things that need doing. He’s local and needs the extra work so it’s a real win-win.

The finishing touches

The last step in the garden is to connect the water features, install the solar garden lighting and spray wash whatever surfaces need it.

2. Interior bits ‘n pieces

The interior is almost done but there are a few outstanding jobs. 


I found an AirTasker techy dude to help me set up the two TVs in Ferny Hill Retreat – one in the bedroom and the other in the living room and connect both to Netflix. 


There are also a few artworks to be hung in the bedroom. 


3. Photography

When all is ready a professional photographer will take photos to show the property off in all its glory. These images will be added to Ferny Hill Retreat’s website along with all the holiday rental sites it’s listed on. I can’t wait to see them!  

And the question remains …

I know it’s a long to-do list so when will Ferny Hill Retreat open for business? I’d like to say in a month. If all goes well that timeframe is achievable, but I am not willing to glue a date to the launch just yet. Experience has taught me to see how things pan out. I’ll let you know as soon as I know … that’s a promise!