Ferny Hill Retreat in Emerald Victoria is known for its artistic design, inside and out. Since opening, this whimsical little holiday rental has attracted artists, writers, creatives and people, young and old, who simply enjoy its unique character. 

To give our guests a fun way to set their creativity free we recently added a guest ‘And Then …’ Book.

How it works

If guests choose to, they’re able to contribute to an ongoing story in the And Then …’ BookEach page is blank except for a heading, “And then…”. 

Guests can be as creative and whacky as they like, adding their own part to the story on a single page. If they’re arty types, illustrations are fine too.

The only stipulations are that previous guests’ entries (characters, plot, etc) are built upon, ensuring  the story remains somewhat continuous.  

And then … the story begins

The And then… Book is very new but already has several entries. No illustrations as yet, but we’re sure some will appear in time 🙂 Those who are not into writing just have fun reading the tale’s twists and turns. 

It’s a great idea,” claimed a recent guest, Geoff. “We get to leave a little bit of ourselves here for others to read and enjoy.”  

We think it’s quite special too!  Thanks to Lisa and Jenni for the idea.