Garden art illuminated at night

I’m a real fan of corten steel so I added this amazing set of rusty sculptures to the front garden. To give you an idea of size, the largest is chest height. I love the fact that they so obviously belong together, like a family unit. Their minimalistic, architectural appearance along with an organic, curvy shape, gives them a sci-fi look. 

And now, thanks to two solar spotlights, these sculptural pieces are a feature after dark. The lights are so bright the overhanging tree limbs are lit, creating a striking effect. 

The greenery you can see at the base of the photo (above) are daffodils. They’re almost ready to bloom and when they do the sculptures will be standing in a sea of yellow.

Our triptych looks impressive in the daylight too, rising from its earthy bed.

We’ve also planted salvia at the foot of the statues so in spring and summer they’ll be anchored in a bed of swaying purple flowers. 

I can’t tell you how much fun I am having creating ‘garden moments‘ like these!  

So, what do you think of our latest garden art? 

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