A while back I wrote about my experience with the Flat-packed furniture from hell. The Airondack chairs shown in the photo above were the subject of this post, each taking over 3 hours to assemble! Now that they’re in place those hours don’t feel like such a waste of time.  

I painted them turquoise (as I do) and I’m really pleased with how they contrast against the azaleas. 

I hope you like this little spot at Ferny Hill Retreat. It’s another one of our garden moments and has been set aside for bird feeding. If you squint you might notice a container on the table top. It’s full of bird seed for guests to add to the bird feeder. Then all you need to do is sit back, perhaps with a coffee or a wine in hand, and wait for the birds to arrive.

The birds shown above are Crimson Rosellas and we get lots of them here. We’re also visited by many other species, although not all are seed-eaters. I often see and hear:

It’s really very special being so close to nature!