Are you for real?

Ferny Hill Retreat is known for its arty design features, one of which is the unique fireplace in the living room.

The picture above shows a framed inset that houses our flaming fireplace. It’s surrounded by modern subway tiles and has rows of bookshelves above … or does it?  

These elements may appear lifelike but it’s all an illusion.

  • The inset itself was once a sliding door that has been secured so it can no longer open.
  • The fireplace is electric. It has realistic looking faux flames that flicker from a bed of ‘hot’ rocks, that are never hot to the touch.
  • The books and the shelves are wallpaper, as are the subway tiles surrounding the fireplace. 
  • The black flourish at the top of the frame was purchased online for $3. It came as unfinished wood so I painted it. 

Night time view

Our funky fake fireplace gives off a warm glow at night. Heat is optional so you can even use it on warm summer nights, just for ambiance. 

Want to try creating your own?

Transforming our unwanted door into a fabulous little fireplace/library was very easy and relatively cheap to do. In case you’re interested in trying something similar, here are some helpful links:

Bookshelf wallpaper

Subway tile wallpaper


Or you could take a closer look at ours

Of course you’re always welcome to see our fireplace and other arty features up close and personal. You can stay at Ferny Hill Retreat anytime…