The stunning Alfred Nicholas Memorial Garden in Sherbrooke is most famous for its iconic ornamental lake and boathouse (pictured above).

Alfred Nicholas and his brother George made their fortune developing the Aspro painkiller. Alfred first purchased land in the Dandenong Ranges in 1929 and, subsequently, further land around it. This extended the property to 13 acres. 

Nicholas traveled to many parts of Victoria and overseas to find plants and established trees for his gardens. With the help of an expert gardener, the garden’s design developed to incorporate a lake, rock pools, waterfall and ornamental features. 

Sadly, the gardens were not finished before his death in 1937, although the majority of the planting had been done. That left his widow alone to look after the property, resulting in the garden falling into a state of disrepair.

After a long history of changing ownership, the garden was purchased  by Parks Victoria in 2010 and refurbished to modern standards.

Today the Alfred Nicholas Memorial Garden is considered one of the finest of its type in Australia. 


 Address: 1 Sherbrooke Road, Sherbrooke VIC 3789

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Ferny Hill Retreat to Alfred Nicholas Memorial Gardens: 18 minutes 15 km  


Alfred Nicholas Memorial Gardens